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I talked before about dating apps, but this time, I would like to offer you a different point of view about this amazing way to meet new people ( well, if you can get a date).

During so many weeks I did a deep research over different apps, I wondered to know what kind of people were trying to conquer my heart through the use of pictures of stolen babies, their relatives’ weddings, and other people puppies.

After that, I get the following conclusions:

These apps’ main target are CEO`s, entrepreneurs and developers, also designers and marketers, but the percentage could be 30%, 30%, 30%, 5%, 5%.

Most of those people don’t have time to looking for dates in the real life, so they decide to get in these apps.  Obviously,  they aren’t aware of what real girls are looking for, so they decide to use this pictures doing dangerous sports, holding other people babies or deejing (even if they did it once in their cousin birthday). They think women love this, dangerous, multitalented men and of course, children.

Dating apps are based on physical appearance, so it is always a good trick to use pictures with a friend uglier than you, but what happen when people forget to put a picture of themselves? It’s confusing! Because maybe I thought he was the one with the jeans and the pointed shoes and I swiped left. I’m neither a photogenic person, and I’m taking the risk every day, be brave my friend and avoid uncomfortable situations.

Dating apps, again, are based on physical appearance so doesn’t matter how ugly they are in the real life because there are so many girls (I included) that prefer intellect instead of beauty, but the most of the guys don’t even read your description or interests, so forget about it. I know that because some of my guy friends told me, I was so wrong, and it was so disappointing.

Those were some of my conclusions, I’m terrible at dating apps, so maybe the things I’m telling you here are not very relevant, but just think about it next time that you use any of these apps.





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