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Be more dramatic than Winona in Stranger Things.

I finished this TV series, Stranger things, which I think is excellent. Winona was always my idol, I loved her in some many films, and even she had this moment of weakness when she became a kleptomaniac, she was the 90’s face, and her paper in Beetlejuice will always be on my mind. Despite this, I don’t know what you think about Winona in this her last work, I believe she is having so much drama in her fiction life, and in some way could be quite overacted.

In spite of her significant amount of drama, Stranger things has such great things.  The music is great, the photography and decorates are splendid, and the actors’ choice is magnificent. They have, all of them, this kind of weird attraction that makes you feel tenderness and Eleven is the kind of girl that we always wanted to have as a friend when we were children.

Furthermore, a TV series that only have eight chapters is always a good option. I remember myself waiting for seasons and waiting week over week for a new episode in seasons of 20 episodes, and that was exasperating, and also I lost so much time of life.

It is an excellent option to spend your free time this summer.



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