Unnecessary things.


the craft


Things that are not necessaries: The remake or a sequel of The Craft.

The Craft was the film that opened my mind when I was just ten years old. It was the first movie that I went to watch with my girlfriends without any supervision, and after we watch it became a witch was one of our priorities. I know it sounds crazy, but the 90’s were the years of the witchcraft, the Grunge, and the hard drugs as the heroin.

I grew up in the 90’s, despite the fact that I’m not in the X generation, my generation is the Y one. Nevertheless, I had so many experiences that the X generation had and also the experiences that the millennials have as well, my generation is in between them so that’s why I can affirm that is not necessary at all any remake of this great film.

The movie was perfectly fitted at the time. The characters represented some of the problems that teenagers were suffering at that point such racism, misogynism, social inadaptation and those things were showed throughout the prism of four women, very different between them and using the witchcraft and women empowerment.

If I have to figure out how could be a film like that nowadays, even if it is a sequel, I can’t. Probably it will be something between pretty little liars and American horror story Coven, and I loved the last one but in my modest opinion it is unnecessary and a waste of time and money. We are different generations, and it is not possible to understand the context if you are out of it.

Do you remember what happened with Jurassic Park sequel? Another film entirely unnecessary.

Please, people from Hollywood don’t do it, stop destroying my childhood, use your creativity, you are beeing paid for it.


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